Si-power was invited to participate in "intelligent production research forum""

writer:admin date:2015-03-17

The afternoon of March 13th, by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Networking Research Center, science and Technology Bureau of Wuxi City, the Yangtze River Delta networking University Union jointly organized "sensors, cooperation forum, Home Furnishing, intelligent wearable intelligent hardware" was held in Wuxi new technology venture building 530. As the core area of national innovation demonstration zone of sensor network, intelligent hardware business district quickly force, the new district has includes new sensor, wearable, intelligent control, intelligent enterprise more than 200, a number of products have been applied towards the market, they are leading the trend of the times to technological innovation, and opens up a new prospect of intelligent life.

Wuxi silicon power was invited to participate in this forum, and demonstrated at the scene of the company's current flagship Bluetooth /wifi intelligent wireless control lighting products and lossless high fidelity music decoding program, visitors flocked. Especially Bluetooth speaker lamp company is launched to the global intelligent hardware equipment committee chairman, Honestar technology CEO Mr. Lin Wei's enthusiastic praise, and with the application of general manager of division Wu Weida silicon power LED system design, intelligent product marketing in-depth communication. Bluetooth speaker is a kind of intelligent lamp products cross-border, set it is a Bluetooth wireless control switch, dimming, color and APP of various scenes, functional model, and integrated Bluetooth data transmission and hifi music output. Really satisfy consumers' desire to change their lives with technology.

According to relevant agencies, the global smart hardware equipment sales will grow from $9 billion 700 million in 2012 to $33 billion 600 million in 2018. In China, last year, the industry estimates of intelligent hardware product sales is ten million, compared to the same period last year increased by about five times this year, growth is expected to show more than four times.